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Congratulations to our 2016-17 Employers of Choice.

2016-17 Employers of Choice



Employer of Choice recipients were recognized Tuesday, April 11, 2017 at the AHLA’s 97th Annual Convention and Trade Show at the Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge.

Applications for the 2017 Employer of Choice program will open later this summer. Stay tuned! 

Gain a Competitive Edge

Happy staff = Happy guests. Discovering areas for improvement and the things that matter to your employees will improve the satisfaction of your team, which will improve the satisfaction of your guests.

Recruit and retain the best employees. Alberta’s hospitality industry continues to face labour challenges. The Employer of Choice designation gives you a competitive edge in employee recruitment and retention by distinguishing your hotel, motel, and campground or resort from other employers in Alberta’s tourism and hospitality industry.

Showcase Solid HR Practices

Show your employees come first. The provincial government is conducting workplace inspections, and the AHLA has heard of increased organized labour activity across the province. Improve your HR practices and ensure your employees are safe and satisfied by demonstrating your commitment to a safe and fair workplace.

AHLA members can apply to be recognized as an Employer of Choice by completing an audit of their human resources practices. The AHLA’s goal is for every member to achieve Employer of Choice designation. All you need to do is show your property has solid and effective HR practices. You do not need an HR department to participate.

“Carrying the designation attracts new candidates. As new candidates research a potential employer, they often choose one that has proven to treat their staff with respect and have sound policies in place. We select candidates that are proud to work in this industry, therefore we greatly recognize when they have selected us based on the fact that we carry the EoC designation.

In addition, we use the data generated from the reports as an audit tool. It helps us determine if our HR policies are up-to-date and communicated adequately. We have used the reports to implement many changes to our protocols in the past. ”
– Andrea Schaetzle, Manager of Human Resources, The Rimrock Resort Hotel

Become an Employer of Choice

You can’t lose. The Employer of Choice program isn’t about receiving the designation; it’s about using the process to measure and enhance HR practices at your property. Every single property that completes an application receives a comprehensive report that recognizes what they are doing well and areas for improvement. Participating in Employer of Choice can only make your property better.

The Employer of Choice Guide for Great Employers outlines the application and audit process. It explains step-by-step what the AHLA is looking for in an employer eligible for the designation. Another great resource that can help you is the Employment Standards Toolkit for Employers. Call Zainub Siddiqui, at 1.780.436.6112 ext. 249 to learn more.

Last Year’s Recipient List

2016 Employers of Choice