Protecting Staff & Guests

Following the COVID-19 pandemic, hotels are left picking up the pieces of what was a devastating blow to our industry. As of June 2022, Alberta has lifted all public health restrictions and we are seeing the end of the pandemic. But before thinking covid-19 is now simply a thing of that past, its important that hoteliers understand that pandemics and influenza will never truly be gone.

There are several steps hoteliers can take to ensure proper preparedness in the event of a future outbreak, and to protect the health and safety of their staff and guests. The AHLA is committed to supporting all Alberta hotels and ensuring they have the information they need to help them make sound decisions for their staff and their business.

Encourage Your Staff to Get Vaccinated

The AHLA encourages hotels to talk to their staff about getting vaccinated for Influenza and COVID-19 as soon as possible. This will:

  • protect your employees and their families,
  • protect their colleagues and guests, and
  • reduce the spread of COVID-19 and Influenza
Vaccination Information

Minimizing Risk of Transmission of COVID-19 and Influenza

How can my hotel minimize the risk of exposure to COVID-19?

In addition to encouraging staff to get vaccinated, hotels can implement the following:

  • Have a “sick policy” in place that ensures staff do not come to work sick
  • Contact your local pharmacy to come on site and administer the flu shots to staff
  • Educate staff on the risks associated with spreading influenza

Become an ASAP Recipient

The AHLA, as the official safety association for Alberta hotels, has developed the AHLA Safe Accommodation Promise (ASAP) to help hotels:

  1. Understand their responsibility to provide a safe environment for guests and staff, and what this entails.
  2. Provide assurance to guests and staff that their property is a safe place to stay or work.

By meeting ASAP requirements and earning the right to display the ASAP logo and certificate, your hotel is making a promise to staff and guests to prioritize their health & safety.

Pandemic Preparedness

In order to properly prepare for a pandemic emergency, hotels should have an “Emergency Response Plan” in place. the Hotel Association of Canada has prepared a “Pandemic Response Handbook”

Download the handbook

Please contact us at or 780.436.6112 (toll-free 1.888.436.6112) if you have other questions or need additional support.