Representing Members’ Interests to Government

The AHLA ensures members’ interests are represented on important legislative, policy, and regulatory decisions made at the municipal, provincial, and federal levels of government. Through the AHLA, Alberta’s tourism and hospitality industry speaks with one voice, working proactively with elected officials and bureaucrats to ensure they understand the impacts of their decisions on your business. We will:

  • Build meaningful relationships with elected officials, their staff and department leads, and industry allies.
  • Establish priorities on both proactive and reactive issues and focus on what impacts our members directly.
  • Build evidence on what needs to change and how that change can happen.
  • Influence those in power to provide leadership, take action and invest resources.
  • We will tell our members story with purpose and meaning.
  • Maintain compliance with federal and provincial lobbying legislation.
  • Create a sustainable and exciting accommodation sector in Alberta.

Fair Taxation

Learn more about the AHLA’s advocacy efforts for the fair taxation of our industry, including the tourism levy, short-term rentals, and Destination Marketing Fees (DMFs).

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Learn more about the AHLA’s advocacy strategy around labour. We recognize the considerable impact of staffing shortages on our members and have focused our efforts on the issues of immigration and work-integrated learning (WIL).

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Learn more about how the AHLA advocates for members on tourism policy, including Travel Alberta’s mandate and the allocation of the tourism levy.

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