Become an Associate Member

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Who Can Become An Associate Member

Legal business entities or persons not eligible as ordinary members may be accepted as associate members by the AHLA President & CEO. These businesses may include campgrounds, associations, restaurants and suppliers in the accommodation industry wishing to take advantage of the AHLA’s programs and services.

Features and Benefits

Associate membership means business. Reach more than 800 AHLA members with your message, service, or product through:

The AHLA’s programs, such as electricity, natural gas, insurance, and more, can also help associate members achieve their bottom line.

“Axia FibreNet has been an Associate Member of the AHLA for nearly a year and we have been extremely impressed with their event execution, their communication and the timely information they have provided us. Our team attended the 2016 Tradeshow in Lake Louise and made dozens of great contacts. Our value proposition is truly unique and we feel that it is essential to work with a company, like the AHLA, who understands our vision and is a market leader within the hospitality space here in Alberta.”
– Gregory Clarke, Enterprise Account Executive, Axia FibreNet

For more information, please contact the AHLA’s Membership Coordinator, Heather Janiten at 1.780.423.9244.

Associate Membership Application