About the Program

In partnership with the insurance experts at Western Financial Group, the Hospitality Insurance Program has a “Protected Self-Insurance” structure, providing participants with an ownership stake in the program. Premiums are pooled to self-insure a portion of the risk, and purchase additional insurance to cover extraordinary losses.

Unlike traditional insurance where excess premiums generated profit for the insurer, excess premiums can be used to lower premiums, or rebated to participating hotels. The coverage provided is highly comprehensive and is tailored to the unique needs of each property.

There are two divisions under the program: Lodging and Beverage. Each division is operated as a separate Protected Self-Insurance program. All coverage and policy wordings are the same for both divisions, but the Beverage division allows members who may not qualify through the Lodging division.


I have been working with Western Financial since the AHLA announced the self-insurance program many years ago.  Our account manager has been excellent to work with and is very responsive to our requests.  I have also received quotes from other insurance companies that have never been able to match the prices offered through Western Financial.  I highly recommend the AHLA insurance program to other hoteliers! 

– Ron Bateman, General Manager, Rundlestone Resorts Inc.

Benefits to AHLA Members

  • Preferred cost structure providing long-term rate stability;
  • Comprehensive Coverage Reviews and Risk Management Services;
  • Service from Insurance & Claims Advisors who are hospitality insurance experts; and
  • Compliance with the insurance requirements of all Brands and Banners.

Get Started

To learn how to participate in the Hospitality Insurance Program, call Grant Ostir at 1.800.665.8990 ext.7228 or visit http://www.westernfgis.ca/ahla/.