The AHLA, the official safety association for Alberta hotels & convention centres, has developed the ASAP designation to help properties:

  1. Understand their responsibility to provide a safe environment for guests and staff, and what this entails.
  2. Provide assurance to guests and staff that their property is a safe place to stay or work.

By meeting ASAP requirements and earning the right to display the ASAP logo and certificate, your property is making a promise to staff and guests to prioritize their health & safety.

The ASAP program is based on current Alberta legislation and public health guidance. The standards will be updated as new or additional information becomes available.

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How Do I Apply for the ASAP Designation?

1. Review the ASAP guide to see if your property meets all the standards.

Note: The ASAP guide is being reviewed and updated for 2022 and will be available soon. Check back here for updates! Your hotel can still apply for the 2022 ASAP Designation without the guide. See below.

This step is optional, but highly recommended to help you prepare for your self-declaration.

2022 ASAP Guide – Coming Soon!
Complete the Self-Designation Checklist

3. The AHLA will review your checklist.

4. Within 5 business days, you will receive an email or a call from the AHLA.

If your property meets the criteria for the ASAP designation, you will receive:

    • The 2022 ASAP logo that you can display on your emails and your hotel’s website. You may link this logo to this web page, so that anyone with questions about the program can learn more.
    • A certificate you can print, sign, and display to staff and guests to show that your hotel has made the promise to prioritize their health & safety.

The AHLA reserves the right to confirm/verify responses and revoke the ASAP status of a property.


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