Careers Next Generation

Navigating labor challenges in hospitality demands innovative approaches. That’s why the AHLA has partnered with Careers Next Generation.

Careers Next Generation is a unique, industry-led public/private not-for-profit foundation established in 1997. Careers brings together industry, schools, government, and communities to guide youth into successful career paths.

High school students learn and earn as they test drive different careers through paid internships, helping them find out what kind of work appeals to them.

An an employer, internships provide an opportunity for you to assess the potential of young talent for future employment. Many interns go on to become full-time employees, and hotels can benefit from the loyalty and commitment of individuals who started their careers with the organization.

By investing in Alberta’s youth and providing hands on experience in the hospitality industry, Alberta hotels will build a sustainable workforce for the future!

It’s easy! Careers will work with you to provide hands on learning experiences for Alberta youth at your hotel.

AHLA members have already created 12 placements for youth for the 2023 summer season.

Please refer to the following information:

Thank you for your consideration of Careers internship programs – Together, we are building a strong, sustainable future for all Albertans.

Meet your contacts:

Please reach out to either Lara or Stefan if you would like any further information.

Lara Barnett

Provincial Manager, Employer Engagement

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Stefan Rutkowski

Director Operations 

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