Information adapted from the Workers’ Compensation Board of Alberta’s Employer Fact Sheet.

Most instances of COVID-19 are not work-related and do not need to be reported to WCB-Alberta. However, there are a few exceptions.

When COVID-19 may be work-related
When a worker contracts COVID-19 as a direct result of their employment, they are entitled to compensation if the following conditions are met:

  • The nature of employment involves sufficient exposure to the source of infection,
  • The nature of employment is shown to be the cause of the condition,
  • The nature of employment creates a greater risk of exposure for the worker.

When do I report a case of COVID-19 to WCB-Alberta?
Report it if it meets the specific criteria. If your worker is at greater risk than the general
public of contracting the virus while at work, and they lose time from work after contracting the virus, report the claim to WCB. However, if your staff is not at greater risk than the general public of contracting the infection, do not report. Examples include people who believe they caught the COVID-19 virus from a co-worker or client.

Do I report cases where one staff member caught COVID-19 from a co-worker?
No. Coronaviruses like COVID-19 can be caught through contacts in the community, home, or work.

What happens when I submit a COVID-19 claim?
Like any other claim, WCB-Alberta must determine whether exposure to the disease arose out of the course of
employment and was caused by an employment hazard (in this case, workplace exposure to the virus).
We have a team of people who specialize in the adjudication of infectious disease claims and can appropriately apply policy and legislation. If the illness meets the conditions for coverage, WCB-Alberta will cover medical aid costs and any time lost due to the condition.