The AHLA’s new virtual education series is designed to keep you informed on the pressing challenges facing hotels. Our in-house experts and trusted partners will offer potential solutions to help your hotel achieve operational excellence, while prioritizing the safety of guests and staff. Topics will touch on health and safety, risk management, loss prevention, and environmental sustainability.

Why should I join these webinars?

Many reasons! These webinars will address a wide variety of topics, from improving health and safety at your property and lowering insurance and WCB claims to ensuring emergency preparedness and implementing environmentally friendly work practices. This is your opportunity to learn from industry experts, ask questions, and hear the concerns of other Alberta hotels.

We understand it can be difficult to find quality health and safety content and training for your staff. The AHLA has invested in the virtual education series to ensure your employees have a trusted educational resource to turn to.

Who should attend?

Each webinar will appeal to a slightly different audience depending on the topic, but everyone is welcome! Target audiences may include health and safety committee members or representatives, departmental supervisors, general managers, and anyone looking to achieve operational excellence at their hotel.

Upcoming webinar topics:

Violence Prevention and De-escalation – Thursday, May 12, 10:00 AM MT

As hoteliers, your goal is to work with your staff to provide best in class service to guests. However, we also know that working in the service industry can sometimes present challenges. It’s critically important that staff are trained on how to respond to and manage a full range of human emotions and behaviors.

Workplace Violence Prevention and De-escalation training gives employees the practical skills needed to effectively respond to and safely manage a full range of behaviours, from low-level agitation and verbal abuse through to escalated behaviours, threats, and acts of violence. As a result, workers assume greater responsibility for their safety, while recognizing their critical role in responding to situations and behaviours.

The AHLA, in partnership with ARETE Training (workplace conflict specialists), is hosting a free virtual education session on Workplace Violence Prevention & De-escalation Training. Please join us on Thursday, May 12 from 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM MT.

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Past webinars:

  • Preventing Water Damage & Flooding at Your Hotel – Watch the recording

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