Anytime you hire a new employee at your hotel there are a number of steps involved, its important hotels understand which information to collect and how to store it. You need to ensure your property’s practices related to the gathering and storing of personal information are in accordance with Alberta’s legal requirements. Otherwise, you might find yourself involved in a lengthy inquiry.


  1. Create a New Hire Checklist
  2. Review Alberta’s Personal Information Protection Act (PIPA)  to ensure you are storing your employees personal information correctly
  3. Enter employee certificates that have expiry dates into your HRIS system (if you have one) or track them using another method. Examples of certificates you will want to track include, AGLC Proserve, first aid, AGLC Protect, work permits, work visa’s etc.
Personal Information Protection Act
Personal Information Protections & Electronic Documents Act
Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Alberta

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