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Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Act, Regulations, and Code:

Changes to OHS legislation (effective December 1, 2021)

OHS Resource Portal

Reporting OHS concerns and incidents: When do I need to call, and what information do I need?

Reporting a Potentially Serious Incident (PSI): What is a PSI? How do I report it?

Slips, trips and falls: How do I reduce the number of Slips Trips and Falls at my hotel?

Musculosketal disorders (MSD): Learn about MSD and how to prevent them in your hotel.

Alberta Employer Records: Includes information on Disabling Injury Rates, Lost Time Claim rates, number of fatalities, and more.

Pool Standards January 2018

Public Swimming Pool Update for Operators

Occupational Health and Safety: Starter Kit

Advisor Office: Offers advice and advocacy services about Workers’ Compensation Board (WCB) matters for injured workers and employers across Alberta. The Advisor Office is independent from WCB and their services are provided free of charge.

Workers’ Compensation Board Resources

Reporting an injury to WCB: What is reportable, and how do I report it?

Psychological Injuries

Self-serve information for employers

Self-serve information for workers

Translation services

WCB seminar information & schedule: Free seminars are scheduled year-round