The Destination Employment program helps newcomers gain meaningful employment in Canadian hotels, giving them the experience they need to build a successful future in Canada.

This initiative is a win-win for both hoteliers and newcomers. Hoteliers are faced with an existing problem filling the job vacancies they already have, and newcomers need opportunities to find employment once they settle in Canada.

In addition, the program is a win for the Government of Canada as it provides a new approach to help integrate newcomers (including refugees) and creates an opportunity for them to obtain their first Canadian workplace experience. The program may also be replicated in other areas of the tourism sector or in other sectors of the economy looking for labour.

Get Started

The Alberta Hotel and Lodging Association has been chosen as the delivery partner for Alberta. Currently, we are only focused on the Edmonton and Calgary markets as these centres have all the necessary resources close by. As Destination Employment takes off, the plan is to scale it up to be available to all of the province.

  • Is your accommodation business struggling to recruit employees?
  • Are you interested in hiring newcomers to Canada to help address your challenges and objectives?
  • Is your workplace a welcoming environment that supports inclusion and diversity?
  • Are you willing to accommodate the personal and professional development of your staff?
  • Are you committed to superior human resource practices?

We encourage all properties interested in the program to contact Michael Presniak at 780.423.9239.

Employers must be willing to:

  • hire program participants in permanent (or recurring seasonal) positions
  • commit the time and support of a designated staff member to mentor program participants
  • document and explain how hiring newcomers to Canada will help address their business challenges and objectives
  • work with existing community organizations, partners and services to support newcomers to Canada with other settlement needs that may arise
  • participate in program evaluation activities, as required
  • provide program participants with wages and benefits that are commensurate with the demands of their employment, based on Canadian standards
  • provide flexibility for training, as required