Online Reputation Management

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TY_print_large (2)About the Program

TrustYou‘s 3-in-1 solution allows you to increase reviews on Google, influence scores on more than 100 travel sites, and monitor your online reputation. This will allow you to see, understand, and leverage traveller insights to boost positive guest experiences in real-time, improve your hotel rating, and attract future guests.

Monitor all 3rd party reviews and social content with quick response links, scheduled and on-demand reporting, competitor data, and more in TrustYou’s Reputation Management Dashboard.

Easily ‘plug and play’ TrustYou’s marketing widgets on your website to keep customers in your ecosystem and booking directly.

Through TrustYou, guests can share their survey review directly on Google, increasing your review content ahead of your competition to drive more bookings.

Benefits to AHLA Members

  • Extremely discounted rates;
  • The ability to properly respond to online reviews; and
  • See a number of important data points, including how they benchmark against their competition and total and new reviews.

Get Started

Find out what people are saying about your hotel by visiting TrustYou. For more information, contact Rob Castellucci, Senior Director, at 1.973.583.4225.