Gas Alberta EnergyAbout the Program

The AHLA’s Natural Gas Program through Gas Alberta Energy (GAE) ensures the procurement of secure, low-cost natural gas for AHLA members.

Whatever your property’s natural gas requirements, Gas Alberta Energy will find a way to meet your needs under the best possible service, contract, and price. Every member has a buying strategy tailored to meet their individual risk tolerance and cost management initiatives. Members can contract over the long-term, short-term, or float at the daily market price.

Benefits to AHLA Members

  • Lower energy management fees

  • No term commitment
  • Access to multiple wholesale suppliers rather than one single retail supplier
  • More flexible supply options
  • All-in-one advisory & supply services
  • Single invoice for both electricity and natural gas

How Does GAE Get the Lowest Natural Gas Prices for You?

Traders of natural gas, such as GAE, have a great deal of experience evaluating the many factors that influence the market, such as seasonal price cycles and consumers’ feelings about current prices. GAE keeps a close eye on these factors year-round and locks in a fixed price on behalf of its customers when the long-term outlook looks favourable.

As the average Alberta consumer uses up to 85% of their annual natural gas requirements between the months of October to April, GAE is in a better position to lock in the lowest cost price since they represent many consumers, similar to how shoppers get a better deal when they’re buying in bulk.

Which Natural Gas Program is Right for You?

GAE has two natural gas programs for AHLA members to choose from:

  1. Daily Index (Alberta Spot Price)

Daily Index price is the price for each day on which gas is delivered to a customer. This is the price that other gas providers use to determine their regulated rates and fixed-price contracts. Although this is the most volatile price, historically it has provided consumers with the lowest price and best value.

  1. Market SmartTM

GAE’s Market SmartTM program utilizes their proprietary pricing methodologies and market expertise to get the best price for their customers. With Market SmartTM, GAE determines the anticipated severity of the upcoming winter before locking in a short-term fixed price, which will offer protection from price fluctuations. Every year for the last five years, the Market SmartTM program has outperformed traditional fixed and floating rate alternatives available in Alberta.

GAE customers participating in the Market SmartTM program use Daily Index pricing from May to September, when consumption is minimal, and switch to Market SmartTM pricing from October to April.

Get Started

If you have questions about the AHLA’s natural gas program, or about Alberta’s electrical energy and natural gas markets, please visit the Government of Alberta’s Utilities Consumer Advocate’s website or contact:

Rob Aujla, Vice President, Business Development

Lori Turnbull, Manager, Consumer Solutions

Bre Martiniuk, Manager, Business Operations