AHLA’s New Electricity Program through Gas Alberta Energy

Gas Alberta Energy (GAE) has been the trusted partner of the AHLA’s Natural Gas Program since 2005. Now the AHLA has partnered with GAE to help its members manage power costs as well.

How the AHLA’s new Power Program Will Help You Manage Costs

  • Lower energy management fees
  • No term commitment
  • Access to multiple wholesale suppliers rather than one single retail supplier
  • More flexible supply options
  • All-in-one advisory & supply services
  • Single invoice for both electricity and natural gas

The AHLA has helped our members manage their utility costs through group purchasing since 2001. Participating members benefit from:

  • competitive wholesale pricing
  • consistent pricing over the term of the contract
  • protection from the volatile power market

For more information, please contact:

Rob Aujla, Vice President, Business Development

Lori Turnbull, Manager, Consumer Solutions

Bre Martiniuk, Manager, Business Operations