AHLA’s New Electricity Program through Gas Alberta Energy

Gas Alberta Energy (GAE) has been the trusted partner of the AHLA’s Natural Gas Program since 2005. Now the AHLA has partnered with GAE to help its members manage power costs as well.

How the AHLA’s new Power Program Will Help You Manage Costs

  1. Reduce your property’s exposure to electricity market volatility through:
    • Reduced energy management fees
    • Direct supply from non-retail power producers
    • A long-term partnership approach with GAE vs. long-term contractsGAE succeeds if your business succeeds.
    • Reducing your risk by monitoring the market to purchase energy at the right time, the right price, and the right term. GAE uses its extensive experience and industry knowledge to make educated decisions to buy power at a known, fixed price, at a time they believe will be less expensive for members.
  1. GAE keeps things simple for you by:
    • Providing a single point of contact & dedicated account management services (Rob Aujla & Lori Turnbull).
    • No call centre — personalized service from fellow Albertans. You’ll know us by name!
    • Simplified credit approval process
    • Single invoice for both electricity & natural gas

For more information about the AHLA power program through GAE, please contact Michael Presniak, Director of Business Development, at 780.423.9239.