About the Program

EcoStay Certified helps hoteliers invest in energy-saving and emission-reducing projects, while uniting today’s discerning travellers in a meaningful, local eco-initiative.

Here’s how it works:

  • Earn funds for energy efficiency upgrades that will improve your environmental impact while reducing operating costs.
  • Recoup the extra costs associated with Alberta’s new carbon levy, turning a negative into a positive for both you and your guests.
  • Support the Alberta EcoStay Motherland Forest – a visible forestry protection and planting initiative complete with a walking path, and educational signs.

Benefits to AHLA Members

  • Funding for energy saving upgrades like HVAC from Magnum Mechanical;
  • Recoup your carbon taxes
  • Earning of certification and awards;
  • Business growth;
  • Showcasing achievements; and
  • Leaving a legacy of nature and beauty for generations to come.

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AHLA members are eligible for a no obligation trial program.

To sign up or learn more, contact or call 1.877.430.3007.


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