Check in Canada_Logo_FullColourTake Back Your Guests

Check In Canada™ has been helping hotels take back their guests since the AHLA first launched the project in 2014. It enables consumers to shop for accommodation by location and price, and then book directly with you.

Check In Canada:

  • Now lists over 3,000 properties across Canada;
  • Is the preferred booking engine for Alberta’s Visitor Information Centre network, and
  • Partners with Travel Alberta to power direct bookings on

Check In Canada allows you to own your relationship with your guest, increasing customer satisfaction and your profitability. You can also track the exact number and value of reservations made when you embed the optional reservation tracking code on your reservation website.

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Discover the importance of direct bookings for hotels net operating income.

Travel Alberta Partnership

Travel Alberta understands the importance of directly connecting your customer with you, so it has partnered with Check In Canada to display your property to millions of visitors searching for accommodation on Your property will:

  • Appear in dynamic searches on with 24×7 rate and availability information without any additional inventory management by you;
  • Receive detailed analytics about where your potential customers are travelling from and who they are;
  • Significantly increase direct consumer booking referrals by distributing your property’s information to a growing network of tourism marketing partners through Travel Alberta’s Alberta Tourism Information System (ATIS); and
  • Reduce distribution costs.


Take back your customers through Check In Canada with only $195 per year plus $1 per referral to your reservation website.

You are only invoiced for a referral when a consumer clicks “Book Now” on your listing. Our technology partner, JackRabbit Systems, has checks and balances in place to prevent click fraud. Any anomalies or unusual click activity is investigated.


  • You pay per referral, not per night booked. There is no commission based on revenue generated.
  • The $1 per click is only calculated on clicks to your “Book Now” button. The consumer will already have your property’s listing, availability, and rate information by the time they click there.

To manage your listing, list your property, or learn more about Check In Canada, visit