About Habit


(noun) | /ˈhabət/

A customary practice or behaviour that’s become nearly or completely involuntary.

In our case, that’s creating super awesome work.

When it comes to finding the best ways for you to communicate to your audience, we like to think we’re experts in this field. We take your marketing needs, then combine strategy, design, and storytelling that engage your audience and inspire action.

Habit’s services

Your brand is the backbone of effective marketing, and includes everything from your logo, to supporting collateral including in-store and online experiences. We can help you create a brand that is bold, memorable, communicates who your brand is, and emotionally connects with your audience.

Including: Marketing Strategy, Advertising Campaigns, Content Creation and Social Media

How effectively you communicate with existing audiences and attract new ones is key to maintaining a loyal customer base and enhancing your brand recognition. We can create results-based marketing strategies and advertising campaigns that drive your audiences to take action.

Web Design & Development
As a 24/7 sales tool, nothing sells your business’ products, services, and brand more than your website. We can build a website that provides a great user experience by offering the right amount of content and dynamic design to keep your audience engaged, all while making navigation an easy and enjoyable experience.

Environmental Design
Any physical space provides an opportunity to create a connection to those in it. From simple banner stands to complex multi-level building wayfinding programs, we can design systems that exceed your goals and meet the needs of your end users.

Video is a powerful and memorable storytelling medium. When you tell the right stories, you can connect with your audiences. And from that connection comes the credibility and trust that your brand needs to thrive.

Exclusive AHLA Member Benefits

We are excited to offer a complimentary website analysis to all AHLA members. Reach out to our team to schedule yours today.


Meet Your Habit Representative:

Shelbi Bernhard

Director of Sales for Southern Alberta



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