On January 9, 2017, the AHLA submitted its recommendations to the Workers’ Compensation Board Review Panel.

The AHLA recommends:

  • WCB continue to return surplus contributions to employers. Premiums are paid to ensure the protection of their employees, and surpluses after the cost of providing coverage belong to them.
  • Exercising caution regarding psychiatric or psychological claims. In some cases, it may be that mental health issues are work-related and should be compensated accordingly. In other circumstances, where pre-existing conditions or substance abuse and addition may be a factor, the association with a workplace injury may be less clear cut. Procedures should be implemented to ensure workers’ compensation is appropriate.
  • Allowing employers to cover lost time for a longer period (e.g. 3 days) for minor claims. Some incidents are small, and require only one or two days of recovery. Requiring such incidents to be reported, but allowing the employer to cover this lost time, could prevent minor claims from having major impacts on their bottom line and claims history.
  • Changes do not inadvertently create barriers to hiring mature workers. The length and severity of injuries in older workers can be more significant, which affects costs. Should the employer be responsible for these costs, it may negatively impact their decision to employ older workers; especially those who cannot afford to retire.
See full AHLA submission to WCB Review Panel