The Issue:

The provincial government has reviewed Alberta’s Labour Relations Code. Only 5 weeks were allotted for consultation. The Labour Relations Code, separate from Employment Standards, is the law that governs union-management relations for the private sector in Alberta.

The AHLA is deeply concerned by some items put forward and by the extremely short timeline that was allowed for consultation. We believe that a positive relationship between employers and employees can best be achieved when the needs of both are fully understood and appreciated. 

The AHLA asked that the government:

  • Delay or extend the timelines for the Labour Relations Code review; and
  • Specifically identify issues and options being considered and allow for feedback and consultation on those issues. Albertans did not know what was really under review and what ultimately will be the subject of any legislation. The lack of clarity and compressed timetable will result in a lack of valid information for the government to make sound decisions on.
View the AHLA’s Submission on the Labour Relations Code Review



Only weeks after reviewing the legislation, the government released its Fair and Friendly Workplaces Act. The Labour Relations Code saw major changes – many of them coming into effect on September 1, 2017.

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