Employment Standards Code Review

The Issue:

The provincial government is reviewing Alberta’s Employment Standards, and they allotted only 5 weeks for consultation. Their proposed changes, including:

  • earned sick leave,
  • banked overtime at 1:1.5,
  • holiday pay, and
  • new qualification periods for maternity, parental, and compassionate leaves,

will have major financial and operational impacts on hotels in the hospitality industry.

The AHLA is deeply concerned by the potential changes and by the extremely short time period in which the government is allowing for the review.

With the help of HR managers and payroll staff, the AHLA put together a thoughtful response. We need to tell the government how these changes will impact our members, and we need our members to get involved and tell the government how the changes will impact you by:

  • Personalizing this letter
  • Submitting it to LBR.Review@gov.ab.ca and copying:
    • the Minister of Labour at labour.minister@gov.ab.ca
    • the Minister of Finance at tbf.minister@gov.ab.ca
    • the Minister of Culture & Tourism at culturetourism.minister.ab.ca.
  • Calling your MLA and ask for a meeting to discuss your concerns.

April 18 was the government’s deadline for submissions. We still strongly encourage you to personalize and send the letter, and call your MLA to ask for a meeting today.

View the AHLA’s Submission on the Employment Standards Review