AHLA meets with provincial Labour Minister, Christina Gray

Let Your Voice Be Heard

The AHLA ensures members’ interests are represented on important legislative, policy, and regulatory decisions made at the municipal, provincial, and federal levels of government. Through the AHLA, Alberta’s tourism and hospitality industry speaks with one voice, working proactively with elected officials and bureaucrats to ensure they understand the impacts of their decisions on your business.

The AHLA monitors government activity and works to represent members’ interests in areas including:

  • Tourism
  • Labour
  • Immigration
  • Liquor and Gaming

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Meet Your MLA and MP

We need to connect with government officials to build and foster positive relationships. By informing your elected representative about the role and importance of the tourism and hospitality industry in Alberta, you can help them see you as a trusted constituent.

Your provincial MLA covers policies such as minimum wage, the Tourism Levy, and liquor and gaming. 


Find Your Provincial MLA



Your federal MP covers policies such as immigration and Temporary Foreign Workers.

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Tips for Talking to Your Elected Representative

The AHLA suggests considering these tips to help you make the most of your time talking to your elected officials:

  • Consider yourself an information source. You have first hand knowledge of the tourism and hospitality industry;
  • Make the official aware of personal connections you share, no matter how insignificant they seem;
  • Be on time, be organized, and be concise;
  • Be courteous and thank them for their time and hard work;
  • Be flexible and expect changes – elected officials have unpredictable schedules;
  • Stay on message and anticipate their reaction and questions;
  • Give specific examples of how the issue affects you, your business, and your staff; and
  • Follow up on the meeting with a thank you note and any additional information they requested.

If you need help preparing for your meeting with an elected official, please call Tracy Douglas-Blowers at 1.888.436.6112 ext. 227.

Industry Partners and Stakeholders

The AHLA also recognizes the importance of working with industry partners and stakeholders, including: