What are the Housekeeping Awards?

The Housekeeping Awards were initiated in 1983 by the Alberta Hotel Association (the precursor of the AHLA), the Motel Association of Alberta, and Alberta Economic Development to recognize the highest standards of excellence in cleanliness, maintenance, and state of repair in hotels and motels. The awards are now managed by the Alberta Hotel & Lodging Association, with the support of Travel Alberta and Alberta Economic Development, Trade & Tourism. The Housekeeping Award is the only award of its kind in Canada, and is highly coveted by hoteliers and their staff.

Which hotels are considered for the Housekeeping Award?

All AHLA members receive Housekeeping Reports and will be considered for a Housekeeping Award.

How are Housekeeping Award recipients selected?

To be eligible, properties must:

  • Comply with the Health Code, Fire Code & Section 7 of the Innkeepers Act;
  • Have been in operation for at least three months; and
  • Demonstrate excellence in guest reviews related to cleanliness, maintenance, and state of repair.

In identifying properties to receive the Housekeeping Award, the AHLA considers online consumer reviews to get a comprehensive view of your guests’ experience. By creating a detailed breakdown of your TrustScore™, the AHLA generates your Housekeeping Score, which is an aggregate of only those elements that relate to cleanliness, maintenance, and state of repair.

Considering consumer reviews and a detailed breakdown of TrustScore™ data helps the AHLA to see a property as guests do. The inherently subjective nature of consumer reviews is considered during the Housekeeping Award selection process. To maintain the integrity of the award for both consumers and hotels, only those properties that demonstrate exceptional housekeeping, maintenance, and state of repair receive the award.

What if a property has negative guest reviews?

Guest feedback should demonstrate an overall trend of exceptional cleanliness. Occasional negative guest reviews will not hurt your chances of receiving the award. Management responses to positive and negative reviews are also considered in the selection process. Compliments or complaints about amenities, service, or quality of a guest’s stay are not considered unless they relate to cleanliness, maintenance, or state of repair.

Which factors contribute to my TrustScore?

  • Bathroom cleanliness
  • Hotel cleanliness
  • Room cleanliness
  • Housekeeping
  • Hotel maintenance
  • Room maintenance
  • Bathroom
  • Beds
  • Entrance area
  • Furniture

Which factors are not considered?

  • Mattress too hard or soft
  • Quality of restaurant
  • WiFi
  • Swimming pools
  • Disruptions caused by other guests

What resources are available to help me understand and achieve the housekeeping award?