Do you want to build your knowledge of the hospitality industry? Explore our TourismWorks online video training modules, which are free to all AHLA members! These videos will help you quickly and effectively onboard new staff and skill up your current employees, and will enable your front-line workers and middle management to develop their leadership skills.

The training program is developed by industry for industry, taking its initial framework from the curriculum taught at the Olds College’s Hospitality and Tourism program. These video modules were developed with the support of the Government of Alberta, and in partnership with the Studio at Olds College, with the goal of supporting AHLA members and strengthening Alberta’s tourism and hospitality industry.

There are two streams of focus available free of charge to AHLA members:

Hotel Operations

Supervision & Management

Tourism Works Training Videos

Financial Leadership Videos

An additional stream of focus is available to help you understand the language of business, grow your business thinking, and continue your path to leadership. Join industry expert, David Lund, for a small fee.

Financial Leadership Videos