Training On-The-Job (TOJ) Program

June 29, 2023

The training-on-the-job (TOJ) program is designed to help workers who are unable to go back to their regular job and employer. The worker develops skills and gains work experience while you receive financial and other support from WCB during your new employee’s training period. Join this session and learn how you have the power to change the human and financial impacts of workplace injuries and how WCB’s TOJ program can help your business. This session is designed for people in management, as well as people involved in health and safety coordination and claims/disability management within your Hotel. This webinar was part of a four week special, free to all AHLA members & safety subscribers.

Here are some details to get you started with the TOJ program and the Job Connections platform:

As a TOJ employer, WCB will reimburse a percentage of the salary you pay your new employee while they learn the new job. The percentages of reimbursement vary, and the amounts are negotiated within a term that can be up to nine months. 

WCB will help you by:

  • Developing a suitable training plan with you.
  • Coordinating and covering the costs for any outside courses or training.
  • Providing protection for the costs of any injury or re-injury that might occur during a TOJ program. 
  • Providing subsidy for training wages.
  • Coordinating ergonomic assessments and workplace modifications.

Ready to get started?

Visit WCB Job Connections. You can easily upload your job posting(s) on the site and let the system do the rest. With its detailed search function, WCB Job Connections lets you:

  • Search for resumes independently.
  • Find the right people faster.
  • Work with a job developer to find the right person for the job.

Hiring decisions are made by you, as are any future decisions about the employment relationship.

Getting set up on WCB Job Connections is easy—and can save you hiring costs.


If you have any further questions about the program or need some extra support getting set up on Job Connections, please contact Andrea Dodd, Industry Specialist  at 780 498 7954.