Every hotel should have an Emergency Response Plan in place for different types of emergencies. Here are some resources to help you create or update your plans:

The AHLA offers E-learning courses on emergency response planning. Visit tourismworks to learn more.

Wildfire Resources

If you have had to close your property, the AHLA suggests:

The AHLA encourages all hotels to:

Prepare Your Property

Prepare your Employees

Helping Employees, Guests & Evacuees

  • Assist guests and employees (on and off duty) who may need support in the event your community has to evacuate.
  • Extend your very best rates to evacuees and those affected by wildfires.  Remember that Alberta’s Consumer Protection Act prohibits businesses from inflating prices during an emergency.
    • This legislation allows provincial authorities to seek orders to cease the conduct and potentially impose significant fines for charging prices that are deemed to take unfair advantage of the situation.
  • Work with guests who may be without identification due a sudden evacuation.
  • Relax ‘no pets’ policies for evacuees travelling with animals.
  • Remember that guests and staff alike may feel the emotional strain of the current situation.
  • Stay in touch with your fellow hoteliers to ensure you can help travelers find accommodation in the event you are full.

Flood Resources

Watch the video

Download resources to use at your hotel