What is the Hotel Association of Canada?

The Hotel Association of Canada (HAC) is the voice of the Canadian hotel & lodging industry, bringing legislative solutions to industry challenges.  They advocate for issues such as:

  • fair rules for short-term rentals
  • Canada’s hotel labour shortage, and
  • sustainability solutions for the hotel industry across Canada.

What has HAC done recently to help the Canadian Hotel Industry?

The HAC’s federal advocacy in Ottawa has been critical in getting hotels access to emergency federal relief and loan programs during the COVID-19 pandemic. These include:

Continued effective federal advocacy will be vital to ensure that these programs — and others — are extended to support our industry’s long road to recovery.

Why should my property consider HAC membership?

The AHLA is a voting member of the HAC in the Provincial Hotel Association category. Other voting members of the HAC include major hotel brands, hotel management companies, and corporate hotel ownership groups.

The HAC offers non-voting Property Level membership to all hotels in Canada at a cost of $2 per room per annum. The major hotel brands in Canada directly invoice their franchisees for HAC Indirect Membership on an opt-out basis. To date, more than 80% of branded properties in Canada have chosen to pay the membership fee to support the Hotel Association of Canada.

As a non-voting Property Level member, you will receive HAC’s regular communications, access to quarterly CBRE Hotels Webinars, and the ability to attend HAC’s annual conference. See a full list of HAC member benefits.

How can my property become a member of HAC?

Complete the HAC application form and remit payment of $2 per room + GST, payable to the Alberta Hotel & Lodging Association. The AHLA will submit payment to the HAC on behalf of all interested independent hotel members. Applications without payment will not be accepted. You may send payment by cheque or credit card. Upon receipt of payment, the AHLA will promptly issue you an invoice receipt.

Please send your completed credit card form to accounting@ahla.ca, or mail your application form to the AHLA office at: 2707 Ellwood Drive SW, Edmonton, AB T6X 0P7.

Become a HAC member