Holding the Line & Protecting Your Revenue During COVID-19 (April 2020)

Gillis Sales shared how to protect your business and set yourself up for success post-COVID-19.

Tammy Gillis, CEO and Founder of Gillis Sales, has more than 25 years in hospitality sales. She provided attendees with practical information about sales tactics, protecting your business during COVID-19, and targeting companies that are still traveling.

Gillis has also set up an online sales community that will give you sales leads, sales tips, and a forum to answer your sales questions. Users will be asked to register and provide their credit card for the 60 day trial, but there will be no charge if they cancel before the 60 day deadline.

Watch the video: Gillis webinar
View of pdf of the Gillis presentation

Tools to Help Your Business Succeed in a Period of Extreme Uncertainty (May 2020)

Ted Bradshaw, Certified Entrepreneural Operating System (EOS) Implementer, presented some tools for busy leaders navigating these unprecedented times.

Attendees learned how to:

  • Understand the six keys to building a truly great organization
  • Confront and solve organizational issues head-on
  • Get everyone focused and on the same page, with better communication
  • Be better equipped to make difficult people decisions

If you have any questions about the presentation or about the Entrepreneurial Operating System, please contact Ted Bradshaw or Andrew LeMoine.

Watch the video: EOS webinar