The AHLA is working to ensure its members have current and accurate information about the COVID-19 pandemic, and the resources they need to support their recovery.

Industry Resources

AHLA Tools, Templates & Resources

Sample layoff letter

Sample staff recall letter

Sample property closure checklist (courtesy of an AHLA member)

Staying Safe guide: This guide was developed by the AHLA to help hotel owners, managers, and staff reopen safely and successfully while COVID-19 poses a significant risk to public health. The guide is being updated as new or additional information becomes available. Visit for the most current information.

AHLA Safe Accommodation Promise (ASAP): As the provider of health & safety information and resources for Alberta hotels, the AHLA has developed the AHLA Safe Accommodation Promise (ASAP) to help hotels:

  1. Understand their responsibility to provide a safe environment for guests and staff, and what this entails.
  2. Provide assurance to guests and staff that their property is a safe place to stay or work.

AHLA Webinars: The AHLA has hosted several webinars to help Alberta hotels manage through the pandemic.

Industry Information

Alberta’s Relaunch Strategy

The Government of Alberta started its relaunch strategy on May 14, which lays out a gradual opening of businesses and activities.

Hoteliers and event organizers should keep informed about the Government of Alberta’s size of permitted gatherings.

Business Operations

General reopening information for any business owner.

Hotels, Motels & Other Lodgings

Hotel-specific information to help keep staff and guests safe.


Gaming & Liquor

All gaming facility operators and retailers are required to submit an operational plan to Alberta Gaming, Liquor and Cannabis (AGLC) prior to opening.

Food & Beverage

Establishments serving food and beverages need to meet specific requirements to keep staff and customers safe.

Water System Safety

Reduced occupancy in hotels or closures over the last couple of months has also meant reduced water flow. Under these conditions, water may stagnate, creating environments that may support the growth of disease-causing organisms, so you need to flush your water system properly.

Skills Development

As you bring staff back and train them on new procedures and protocols, it’s a great time to have them brush up on their skills with some FREE training!

Tourism Works Video Training

AHLA members have free access to the AHLA’s Tourism Works training videos. These videos focus on:

Not an AHLA member? Sign up for a FREE trial membership, valid until October 1, 2020, and start accessing Tourism Works videos today!

Financial Leadership Videos

The AHLA and David Lund, the Hotel Financial Coach, are pleased to offer Financial Leadership videos, free of charge, to AHLA members until the end of 2020.

If you are an AHLA member but don’t know your promotional code, please contact Gayle Day, Office Administrator, at 780.436.6112.

If you are interested in becoming an AHLA member, please contact Michael Presniak, Manager of Membership & Operations, at 780.423.9239. In order to support all Alberta hotels during COVID-19, we are offering complimentary trial AHLA memberships that will be valid until October 1, 2020.

Read What to Do in a Financial Crisis by David Lund.

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Marketing Resources

Let guests know you’re open for business!

  • Alberta at Home: This new website allows tourism businesses to provide special offers to their customers, such as take-home meal kits or buy-now, travel-later deals.
  • Gillis COVID-19 Sales Relief Website: Gillis hospitality sales professionals has set up an online sales community to give you access to sales leads, sales tips, and a forum to answer your sales questions. Users will be asked to register and provide their credit card for the 60-day trial, but there will be no charge if you cancel before the 60-day deadline. Also see our webinars web page to watch Gillis’ webinar about Holding the Line & Protecting Your Revenue During COVID-19.
  • Bounce Back Canada: Minuteman Press has created the the Bounce Back Canada initiative, which provides free local advertising on your local Bounce Back website.

Protecting Staff & Guests

Visit our Protecting Staff & Guests web page for more in-depth information about programs, information, and resources.

Self-Isolating Guests

Personal Protective Equipment, Cleaning & Disinfection

If you have further questions about personal protective equipment, cleaning & disinfecting, or health & safety, please email Erica Blewett, Health & Safety Advisor.

Food & Beverage

Pools & Water Systems

Posters, Signage & Educational Materials

Liquidity for Your Hotel

Visit our Liquidity for Your Hotel web page for more in-depth information about programs, information, and resources.

Liquidity Programs & Information

Property Closures

  • In the unfortunate event that you decide to close your property, the AHLA has prepared a Sample Property Closure Checklist (Word doc file download) to assist you.

Managing Your Staff

Visit our Managing Your Staff web page for more in-depth information about programs, information, and resources.

Staffing & Labour Resources

Resources for Employees

Visit our Resources for Employees web page for more in-depth information about programs, information, and resources.

Programs & Support for Employees

*For information about the difference between these benefits, please see Resources for Employees.

Mental Health Support

Please contact Tracy Douglas-Blowers, Director of Membership & Industry Relations, at or 780.423.9227 if you have other questions or need additional support.