Libby van Rossum
Member Value Program Coordinator

Since 2010, Libby has been helping connect AHLA Members to programs and services that will help lower their operating costs and improve their bottom lines.

After completing her A Levels and Business Studies Diploma in the UK, Libby worked her way around the world, from the offices of British Gas in Leicester and the head office of a food distribution company in Dublin, to Inland Revenue in New Zealand and Saudi Aramco in Holland. In between, she explored Australia, Russia, China, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Singapore. When she finally decided to settle down in Canada, she worked in the office of Nanaimo Shipyard before moving to Edmonton and joining the team at the AHLA.

When Libby actually stays in one city long enough to get settled, she’s usually watching the latest thriller in theatres or indulging in her guilty pleasure of reality TV. Libby is one of the best party planners we know, so when anything awesome or embarrassing happens at one of our Christmas parties, we blame her.