Azia Onofrychuk
Director of Member Services

As Director of Member Services, Azia’s main role is to help AHLA members benefit from the programs and services made available to them. This includes everything from value-added commercial programs – gas, electricity, insurance, and employee health benefits – to HR and safety programming, advocacy, and day-to-day member services.

Azia joined the AHLA in 2019 after years in the banking sector, focusing on investment and real estate analytics, real estate administration, retail advisory, personal credit adjudication, and commercial account management. She has also led a number of independent consulting projects in the Edmonton area, which allowed her to gain insight on business challenges faced by uniquely structured organizations. Azia holds a BCom from McGill University and an MBA from the University of Alberta.

Azia loves visiting the dog park with her three-legged canine companion, Duke. She is an outdoorsy type who tries to live sustainably, and she can often be found digging happily in her garden, enjoying a hunting excursion, or checking out the stars on her latest camping trip. Since science has proven that the Canadian Rockies are the best place to hide during a zombie apocalypse, the rest of us are relying on Azia to show us how to survive in the mountains when the undead take over.