Tyson Ghostkeeper

Current position: Regional Director of Operations, Mouallem Group of Companies, since 2017

AHLA Board Member since: 2021

Started working in hospitality industry: 2009, as a room attendant

Other committees & groups Tyson has served on:

  • Vice-Chair of Peaks to Prairie (AB, SK, MB) Marketing Committee for Best Western Hotels & Resorts (2019-present)
  • Best Western Future Leaders Group (Fast Track member 2017-present)

Why Tyson wanted to join the AHLA Board:

I am excited to serve and advocate for all the great hoteliers I have come to know in our province. I would enjoy applying my experience and continuing to learn from other members on how to best position their hotels and our industry for a successful recovery from the pandemic.

I am eager to be a part of a new generation to serve on the Board of Directors. I look forward to bringing new perspectives and being a driver in the ongoing evolution in our industry.

Contact information:

Ph: 1.780.940.6448
Email: tyson@mouallemgroup.com