In response to multiple wildfires burning across the province, Premier Danielle Smith announced that Alberta has declared a provincial state of emergency.

Hotels in evacuated communities are closed, others are on evacuation notice, and our members in many other cities & towns are now feeding & sheltering evacuees.

If you have had to close your property, the AHLA suggests:

The AHLA encourages all hotels to:

Prepare Your Property

Prepare your Employees

Helping Employees, Guests & Evacuees

  • Assist guests and employees (on and off duty) who may need support in the event your community has to evacuate.
  • Extend your very best rates to evacuees and those affected by wildfires.  Remember that Alberta’s Consumer Protection Act prohibits businesses from inflating prices during an emergency.
    • This legislation allows provincial authorities to seek orders to cease the conduct and potentially impose significant fines for charging prices that are deemed to take unfair advantage of the situation.
  • Work with guests who may be without identification due a sudden evacuation.
  • Relax ‘no pets’ policies for evacuees travelling with animals.
  • Remember that guests and staff alike may feel the emotional strain of the current situation.
  • Stay in touch with your fellow hoteliers to ensure you can help travelers find accommodation in the event you are full.

The AHLA has been in touch with a number of members in affected areas and we encourage you to reach out if you have questions or need assistance.

Please contact either:

Laurie Chandler at
Tracy Douglas-Blowers at