Alberta Budget 2023 – “Securing Alberta’s Future”

Premier Danielle Smith tabled her first budget yesterday, which included a $2.4 billion surplus and is focused on five areas:

  • Economic growth and jobs
  • Transforming the health care system
  • Funding education and schools
  • Community safety
  • Affordability

Numbers at a glance:

  • Revenue: $70.7 billion ($5.4 billion lower than 2022-23 forecast)
  • Expense: $68.3 billion ($2.6 billion more than 2022-23 forecast)
  • Surplus: $2.4 billion ($8 billion lower than 2022-23 forecast)

The affordability spending is reflective of the programs previously announced while the economic growth investments will be channeled through avenues like the Alberta at Work program and an Alberta Technology and Innovation Strategy, with a sizeable increase for the Alberta Petrochemical Incentive Program. Healthcare spending hits a new record in this budget, allocating nearly $1 billion in additional funding, with a continued focus on EMS reform and primary care improvements.

Travel Alberta

Travel Alberta’s budget sees an increase to $72.1 M in 2023-24. Up $12.2 M from the previous year’s budget.

Travel Alberta will also receive $10 M over 2 years to fund Rural Tourism Initiatives and an additional $15 M over 3 years for marketing and campaign support.

Tourism Funding

Tourism is not a central focus of this budget, but there are still a few priorities government has set its sights on. Alberta Parks will receive $8 M to increase visitor experiences and $100 M over 3 years has been earmarked to the Film and Tax Credit.

While the tourism and hospitality industry does not appear to be at the forefront of Budget 2023, there are opportunities within the Alberta at Work program that the AHLA intends to capitalize on to attract and retain talent. The AHLA is committed to ensuring that these monies help to address the critical labour shortage that our members are facing.

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