During a recent inspection by the Canadian Border Services Agency, an AHLA member discovered that the foreign nationals they had employed through a third party immigration agency were not actually eligible to work in Canada. Naturally, this hotel has moved swiftly to address the issue and is auditing all documentation related to foreign workers.

What Are the Employer’s Responsibilities?

If you currently have foreign workers employed at your hotel, you should:

  1. Check the work permits of all foreign workers employed at your property, ensuring that their permit has NOT expired.
    • SIN numbers have an expiry date for Temporary Foreign Workers (TFWs), so having only the number does not mean it is valid. A TFW’s SIN number will expire on the same date as their work permit; therefore, a copy of the work permit is better to have than just a worker’s SIN.
    • Permanent Residency (PR) cards will also have an expiry date; therefore, it is best to have a copy of the actual card.
  2. Ensure you have the following documentation in the employee’s personnel file (if you were to be audited by Service Canada or Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), they will request these items):
    • Copy of current work permit (for TFWs—workers on working holiday permits, post-graduate work permits, or LMIA-supported work permit) or copy of PR card or proof of application to IRCC (for workers that have their PR or are in the process of getting their PR finalized)
    • Copy of SIN number
    • Proof of medical coverage (usually temporary medical coverage for TFWs)
    • Copy of plane ticket/transportation being paid (for LMIA-supported work permits)
    • Job offer letter
    • Employment contract or job description
    • Copy of pay stubs (if you cannot easily access this through your payroll)

Even if you are working with an employment agency, it is your responsibility to ensure all employees are eligible to work in Canada and have the proper documentation in place.

If you suspect your hotel may have inadvertently employed persons who are not eligible to work in Canada, please contact Natalie Marcotte at nmarcotte@ahla.ca or 780-232-6871.

All information will remain strictly confidential.

Need Extra Support Hiring Foreign Workers?

If you are looking for support in hiring foreign workers, reach out to one of our trusted partners in immigration and recruitment:

  1. Recruit Without Borders
  2. SYMY immigration Consultants and Recruitment