The Town of Hinton has proposed a bylaw to create municipal regulations around short-term rental properties. The AHLA has always been a strong advocate for fair rules and regulations for short-term rentals. We applaud municipalities like Hinton that are working to level the playing field for all accommodation providers.

Lack of regulations around rentals and the home-sharing platforms that promote them has created unintended consequences, such as:

  • Loss of affordable housing due to conversion to short term rentals.
  • Conflicts as hosts operate without regard for zoning.
  • Negative impact on neighbours due to increased noise, garbage, demand for parking, and partying.
  • Lowering neighbours’ property values.
  • Jeopardizing public safety by increasing the risk of criminal activity.
  • Lost revenues and salaries for those working in the regulated accommodation industry.
  • Lost tax revenues for municipal governments.

There is a need for stronger regulations to mitigate these consequences and promote and safe and reliable accommodation sector for guests. Hinton’s proposed Short-Term Rentals Bylaw (No. 1162) provides a solid framework for regulating short-term rentals; however, the AHLA has also provided recommendations to make the legislation more robust:

  • Include provisions to limit investments by real estate investors into the short-term rental economy.
  • Consider regulations that are enforced in municipalities with significant short-term rental activity, such as Canmore or Summerland.

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Read the AHLA’s full written submission here. 

Review the proposed requirements for short-term rental hosts.