The AHLA has sent a letter to Premier Jason Kenney, offering its full support for implementing a mandatory proof of vaccination system.

Although this type of system may not be the favoured alternative, it is preferable to greater restrictions on meetings, events, and group activities.  It is certain that many hotels would not survive another round of such restrictions. 

In addition to the financial cost of reduced hours of operation for licensed premises implemented on September 4, hotels around the province are losing business as meetings & events relocate to jurisdictions that have implemented vaccine passports.  Not having such a system in Alberta:

  • Puts the health & safety of hotel employees at risk,
  • Puts Alberta hotels at a competitive disadvantage, and
  • Is eroding both revenues and market share at a time Alberta hotels can least afford it.

Implementing a mandatory proof of vaccination system will protect the recovery hotels are just starting to experience:

  • Allowing hotels and other businesses to operate safely with minimal restrictions,
  • Keeping Albertans employed, and
  • Helping rebuild our economy.

Read the full letter.