As travel recommences across the country, hotels need to bring on housekeeping staff once again; however, many staff have since moved on to other jobs in different industries. A solution for this is third-party outsourced housekeeping staff.

What does outsourced housekeeping look like?

Outsourced housekeeping means employing a third party to look after your housekeeping needs, from delivering trained staff to providing the equipment and cleaning products. A good outsourced staffing supplier is one that adjusts their services to your specific needs. This means providing you with equipment if you need it, and providing as many or as few staff as you require.

How can you benefit from outsourced housekeeping?

Management Prioritization

You would no longer need to source, vet, plan schedules, or organize payroll and inventory. By outsourcing to a third party, management will be able to focus on occupancy rates and the guest experience.

Cost Savings

Outsourcing staff means saving money, increased operational cash flow, and higher profits. Additionally, come tax season, there are incremental savings because of reduced payroll taxes.


Leave the third party to draw from their network of staff if someone calls in sick or if you have a lull and require fewer housekeeping staff than expected. Outsourced staff can pick up shifts at different properties, so your changing needs won’t impact their income and hours.

Integral Services Group offers outsourced staffing programs that are tailored to your needs. In addition, the staff they provide are trained in not only their job responsibilities, but also in your hotel’s unique culture to ensure a consistent guest experience.

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