Latest CMOH Orders

  • Order 34-2021 (masking restrictions), effective July 1, 2021
  • Order 35-2021 (isolation and quarantine requirements), effective July 1, 2021
  • Order 06-2021 (asymptomatic persons who test positive in a rapid screening test) , effective March 11, 2021

General Restrictions:

  • Former COVID restrictions no longer apply ON A PROVINCE-WIDE BASIS.
  • Your municipality may still have rules in place for masking and other measures.


  • Masks are no longer required in retail stores, entertainment venues, restaurants, and most other public venues.
  • Masking will still be required in continuing care, acute care, public transit, taxis, and ride-shares (including Red Arrow buses, charter transport, and shuttles).
  • Businesses can make masking a condition of entry or a condition for their employees if they choose, but it will not be a legal requirement. Employers may also choose to leave plexiglass barriers in place as well. See more about masks in Alberta.
  • Albertans are encouraged to assess their personal risk, and wear a mask if their assessed risk is high, or if it supports their transition out of the pandemic response.
  • It is higher risk to go without a mask:
    • in indoor settings;
    • when interacting with a large number of people where spacing is not possible, and
    • if you are not fully immunized.
  • Businesses are required to continue to assess the risk of all biological hazards and control the identified risks based on Occupational Health & Safety requirements.
  • Municipalities may implement or retain masking requirements.

Travel Restrictions

  • Alberta does not have interprovincial travel restrictions; however, there still are isolation and quarantine requirements for those exposed to or with symptoms of COVID, or diagnosed cases, which anyone in Alberta would need to adhere to.

The AHLA is here to support all Alberta hotels during COVID-19. Please contact us at or 780.436.6112 (toll-free in Alberta 1.888.436.6112) if you have any questions.