Open for Summer Plan

The Government of Alberta has announced its Open for Summer Plan, which begins May 28 and aims to lift all COVID restrictions by the end of June. Progression through the stages of this plan will be directly dependent on vaccination rates and hospitalization numbers, and the AHLA encourages all hotels to encourage their staff to get vaccinated as soon as possible.

How will the Open for Summer Plan affect your hotel?

Current CMOH Order

Order 31-2021, effective June 10, 2021.

General Restrictions

  • Working from home: Not required but still recommended.
  • Workplace protocol: When employees must be at work, they must mask for all indoor settings, except in work stations or where two-metre physical distancing or adequate physical barriers are in place.
  • Masks: Mandatory in all indoor public spaces and workplaces across the province.
  • Indoor social gatherings: NOT PERMITTED, including gatherings in workplaces. This will be enforceable with fines.
  • Outdoor gatherings: Up to 20 people permitted with distancing (indoor social gatherings still not permitted).
  • Outbreak protocol: Any workplace with transmission of 3 or more cases will be required by health officials to close for 10 days. Recognizing each work place is unique, this will be assessed on a case-by-case basis with consideration of the transmission issues, actions taken to address these issues, the type of business and implications of what a 10-day closure could mean on the broader public interest. For more information, see section 11 of CMOH order 19-2021.
  • Enforcement: Restrictions will be enforced with $2,000 fines.

Hotels & Guest Rooms:

  • Hotels can continue to take walk-in guests.
  • Hotel guests are not permitted to host visitors from outside their immediate household in their rooms.
  • Individuals who reside on their own can have their two close contacts stay with them in a hotel room, with the following restrictions:
    • An individual who lives alone may stay with both of their close contacts, IF both of the close contacts live on their own.
    • If the close contacts do not live alone, only one close contact may stay with the individual who lives alone.

Food & Beverage:

  • Indoor & outdoor dining: Up to 6 people per table permitted, with more than one household permitted at the same table.
    • Tables and dining parties must be 2 meters apart or separated by an impermeable barrier that will prevent droplet transmission.
    • Individuals must stay seated with their dining party unless using the washroom, paying, or entering/exiting the facility.
  • Buffets: Permitted, but CANNOT be self-serve.
  • Self-serve coffee or food stations in public areas: Not permitted.
  • Liquor service: Ends at 11 p.m.
  • In-person dining hours: All licensed in-person dining establishments must close to in-person dining by 12 a.m. and remain closed until 4 a.m.
  • Delivery, drive-through & takeout: No limits on hours of operation.
  • Masks: Must be worn indoors when not at your table.
  • Contact information: Except in the case of quick service restaurants, contact information must be collected from one person of the dining party AND RETAINED FOR 28 ADDITIONAL DAYS. The information that must be collected is as follows:
    • first & last name,
    • phone number & address, and
    • date & time the person attended the business.
  • Dinner theatres: Are permitted at 1/3 capacity and with no mixing of households in venues whose primary purpose is dinner theatre.
  • Entertainment in bars and restaurants:
    • VLTs are permitted.
    • No other entertainment is permitted, including pool tables, darts, trivia contests, dinner theatre, comedy, video games, and arcade games, live-performances, karaoke, singing & dancing. If it is not clear whether a particular activity is entertainment, the operator should err on the side of caution and discontinue that activity, especially if it is higher risk.

Events, Meeting Rooms, Banquet Halls, Trade Shows & Conference Centres:

  • Business meetings: Anyone can rent rooms for business meetings at 1/3 capacity.
  • Trade shows: Permitted at 1/3 capacity.
  • Indoor social gatherings: NOT PERMITTED until Stage 3.
  • Masking & distancing: Must be in effect for indoor meeting spaces.
  • Food at meetings: Hotels are allowed to serve food when they rent out their meeting rooms, with 2-metre distancing between households. Buffets are permitted, but CANNOT be self-serve.
  • Weddings & funerals:
    • Ceremonies/services permitted for up to 20 people, indoors and outdoors. This DOES NOT include facility staff, funeral clergy, organizers, bride/groom, photographers, witnesses & officiant.
    • Receptions permitted outdoors only.
    • Distancing and masking requirements remain in effect.
  • See the AHLA Safe Accommodation Promise guide to for health & safety guidance related to meeting

Swimming Pools, Hot Tubs, Waterparks & Fitness Centres:

  • Pools, hot tubs, steam rooms & saunas: May operate at 1/3 capacity with:
    • 3-metre distancing between households for indoor pools.
    • 2-metre distancing between households for outdoor pools.
    • Masking required when getting in and out.
  • Indoor waterparks: NOT PERMITTED to be open.
  • Indoor fitness centres:
    • Open for solo and drop-in activities, and indoor fitness classes with 3 metre distancing between households. Appointments are strongly encouraged.
    • Trainers: Can come within 3 metres distance of a client for brief moments to correct form or help demonstrate. Trainers must be masked during the interaction and sanitize hands before and after.
    • Masking:
      • No longer required for exercise but is strongly encouraged for all participants, especially during indoor exercise classes or in small spaces with limited ventilation.
      • Required when not engaging in the fitness activity, such as while moving between fitness equipment or changing in locker rooms.

Spas and Personal & Wellness Services:

  • Includes hair salons, barbers, nail salons, estheticians, tanning, laser services, tattoos, piercing, reflexology & flotation tanks.
  • Appointments and walk in service permitted.


New Measures at a Glance

Frequently Asked Questions for Hotels:

The AHLA has reached out to the government for clarification of restrictions for hotels:

Do the restrictions mean that walk-in guests cannot be accepted?

No, guests may still walk in and reserve a room. Hotels should observe recommended safe check in practices. See the AHLA’s Staying Safe Guide for recommendations.

Should I rent a room to guests who are not from the same household?

The AHLA’s view is that hotels do not necessarily know if those who reserve or register are from the same household or cohort, and there may be situations when such circumstances need to be accommodated. Hotels are not responsible for determining whether guests or potential guests comply with the new public health restrictions, but may wish to remind guests that indoor close contacts are currently restricted to people in the same household, per the government’s Enhanced Public Health Measures.

What if I observe guests not observing current public health restrictions?

Hotels should ensure signage is placed in guest areas reminding them of the requirement to observe public health restrictions. Guests who do not comply should be reminded of the requirements. The AHLA’s view is that hotels should not be expected to enforce public health orders, and may submit a complaint through the government’s Enhanced Public Health Measures web page.

The AHLA is here to support all Alberta hotels during COVID-19. Please contact us at or 780.436.6112 (toll-free in Alberta 1.888.436.6112) if you have any questions.