As Alberta aims to re-open for summer, hotels are looking to re-open and ramp up their operations. To remain competitive, it is more important than ever to pay attention to user experience (UX).

Before March 2020, many hotel operators were seeking increased market share by elevating guests’ UX on a basis of consumer wants. Whether it was enhanced in-room dining experiences, intuitive fitness equipment, or member-only smartphone apps, UX was being driven by people’s preferences.

Then the global pandemic happened. With it came a screeching halt to much of the hotel industry. Survival mode kicked in and operators quickly turned from focusing on the wants of their guests to the needs of their guests. It was true that consumers still expected quality and a unique experience, but now they valued safety and cleanliness to a much higher degree.

As we emerge from the pandemic, there is a pent-up demand for travel and tourism. Prospective guests will be looking for positive UXs to safeguard their needs while still satisfying their wants. Many operators have emerged from the last year battle-tested and equipped with innovative ideas that expand the boundaries of UX.

Elevate your guests’ UX by:

  • Getting your AHLA Safe Accommodation Promise (ASAP) designation to assure guests that their health & safety needs are being taken care of.
  • Working with the AHLA’s preferred vendor, Foodbuy Canada, to save money on supplies to ensure you are addressing both the needs AND wants of your guests. Foodbuy Canada is one of North America’s largest procurement services company using over $2B in Canadian purchasing power to leverage more than 400 contracted suppliers. This gives our members access to more than 35,000 rebatable SKUs. Our portfolio goes beyond food and beverage — it also includes:
    • Laundry & housekeeping
    • Chemicals & sanitization
    • Personal protective equipment
    • Equipment & smallwares
    • Uniforms & linens
    • Staffing & waste solutions
    • Pest control
    • Office supplies
    • Event rentals
    • Culinary training

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