While economic activity is now increasing in some sectors, the hotel industry still has a long road to recovery ahead. Remember your employees are your greatest asset. To set up your organization up for success, you need to take care of them and keep them top of mind throughout the recovery and re-opening process.

Taking care of your employees on temporary layoff

Laying off an employee is never easy, but there are ways to mitigate the uncertainty and hurt they may feel. Keeping in contact with your laid off employees is extremely important. Set a regular checkpoint at least once a month to touch base with them. Check in on how they are doing, if they require any HR assistance, or even if they’ve taken another job. Don’t make promises you can’t keep about a return to work; remain honest and straightforward.

Welcoming staff back after a layoff

Coming back to work after a long period away can be an adjustment. Employees may need some time to return to normal productivity levels. They may also need assistance and flexibility in the transition period as they find childcare, arrange for transportation, and get back into the routine of work. Be understanding and supportive, and watch for signs of burnout. Also ensure that employees feel safe to return to work with an adequate supply of personal protective equipment (PPE) such as gloves and masks.

Not everyone may return

Some employees may choose to seek another job after being temporarily laid off, and there just may not be enough work available to bring everyone back. Permanently laying off an employee can be difficult, but there are ways to make the process easier for both of you. Be compassionate in your approach and ensure you have a chance to connect face-to-face, either via videoconference or in person when possible. Be sure to communicate all supports available to your employee.

Organizations like Svensen Neighbour Recruiting can provide outplacement services like job searching, résumé review, personal assessments, and interview practices for employees who will not be returning. Setting your employees up for success as you transition them out of your organization can be a small move that makes a big impact in their lives and livelihoods.

By putting your employees first in all of your decisions, you’ll continue to build and manage an organization with a great reputation as a respected employer. Svensen Neighbour Recruiting would be pleased to partner with you on every step of the journey from recruiting and training to assessments and consulting.

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