As the hotel industry recovers from the pandemic, more and more travellers are looking for properties with enhanced cleaning protocols. Unfortunately, these enhancements can also add to operational costs and put pressure on properties’ already-limited resources.

The Integral Surface Protection (ISP) Program will make your enhanced cleaning protocols more efficient and more effective. The ISP Program is a chemical-free, spray-on antimicrobial agent that protects ALL surfaces in your hotel 24/7.

Did you know that 80% of infections are spread through a person touching a contaminated surface?[1]


  • Disinfectants eliminate microbes on a hard surface only until a person touches it, then it becomes contaminated again?[2]
  • There are multiple variables to ensure efficacy of disinfectants, and any one of them could render disinfectants ineffective?[3]
  • The number of microbes on a surface can double in less than 2 hours?[4]

What’s the difference between a disinfectant and a durable antimicrobial?

Disinfectants don’t provide the same enduring protection as durable antimicrobials[5]. A robust cleaning/ disinfecting regimen enhanced with an ALL SURFACE PROTECTION (using AEGIS® Microbe Shield – A Durable Antimicrobial) is proven to be the most effective way to protect all surfaces from microbes and harmful pathogens. It doesn’t wash away and it protects the surface from microbes 24/7[6].

See how AEGIS ® Microbe Shield works.

See actual test data on a hotel in Canada.

No other cleaning regime can offer the same level of efficiency and effectiveness that the ISP Program provides. Rebuild your guests’ confidence and ensure the safety of your staff and guests by adopting the ISP Program.

Learn more about Integral Hospitality’s ISP Program.

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