Every year, the AHLA asks members to provide feedback about the work of the association in a member survey. Our Board of Directors and staff use this information to assess whether the AHLA is working on the right things, and whether our members think the AHLA’s work is effective.

The 2020 AHLA Report Card received 161 responses, which represents 24% of AHLA members.

Perceived Value of AHLA

Overall, respondents’ views of the AHLA were very positive.

  • 87% of respondents agree that the AHLA brings value to their business
  • 88% would recommend membership in the AHLA to other hotels
  • 85% think the benefits of AHLA membership are worth the cost
  • 90% trust the AHLA to represent their interests to government
  • 89% think the AHLA provides them with useful & relevant information

Importance of AHLA Services

The majority of respondents said the following AHLA programs and services were important to them as AHLA members:

  • Programs & services to help manage costs: 88%
  • Advocacy on provincial government policy: 95%
  • Access to health & safety training and resources: 86%
  • Information about what is going on in the industry: 91%

Thank you to all the AHLA members who took the time to provide feedback in this year’s report card!