Canadians are increasingly performing day-to-day tasks online, from virtual fitness classes to online shopping to social interaction. So it’s not surprising that a growing area of interest in Canada is virtual health care.

Virtual health care provides “virtual visits” between patients and clinicians through online communications platforms. These visits occur in real time and from virtually any location. Patients can connect with a doctor to discuss a current ailment, or even connect with a specialist for a reoccurring problem.

As more Canadians utilize virtual health care services, here are a few reasons you should consider adding virtual health care coverage to your current AHLA employee benefits plan through Western Financial Group Insurance Solutions (WFGIS):

Decreased Wait Times

Canada has some of the longest medical appointment wait times, with patients often waiting seven days or more to see a doctor. Virtual health care offers a streamlined patient check-in and registration process, increasing the capability to offer medical care to more patients. Clients utilizing virtual health care through TotalGUARD experience an average wait time of only three minutes.

Increased Access to Health care

Virtual health care solutions provide patients with convenient access to medical professionals from the comfort of their homes. This is particularly important for those living in rural areas where access to medical care may be limited.

Increased Productivity

Virtual health care programs offer support for your employees to stay healthy — both physically and mentally — and improve attendance rates over the long term.

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