In light of new restrictions for businesses, the government has expanded the Small and Medium Enterprise Relaunch Grant.

Businesses that have experienced a 30% revenue loss because of COVID-19 qualify for the program, lowering the threshold from the existing 40% revenue loss requirement. This 30% threshold is available to impacted businesses retroactive to March.

Alberta businesses affected by the public health orders in effect from November 6, 2020 and later are eligible to apply for a second payment through the program. Businesses that meet the program’s eligibility criteria will be able to apply for 15% of their pre-COVID-19 monthly revenue up to:

  • a maximum of $5,000 in funding for their first payment, PLUS
  • a maximum of $15,000 for their second payment.

If you did not apply for the $5,000 grant earlier in the year, you can still apply. This is in addition to the second payment.

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