A hotel guest has just arrived in his room after a long trip and is craving a hamburger and fries. He taps his cell phone to a hotspot sign in his room and a screen opens on his phone. He selects “Room Service,” scans the menu, and places his order. While he’s waiting for his meal to arrive, he taps the hotspot again and checks out the hotel’s fitness centre hours, and explores local attractions he may want to visit the next day. Before checking out, he taps his room hotspot one more time, selects “Customer Survey,” and tells the hotel he had a great experience and felt very safe in the hotel.

In the wake of COVID-19, more and more businesses are turning to touchless technology to reduce the risk of disease transmission and enhance their customers’ experiences. With a tap of their cell phone, guests can access a host of hotel services and information, complete customer surveys, sign up for loyalty programs, and learn about special promotions — all without touching anything in their room.

An in-room touchless program upgrade is great way to show your guests that you care about their safety and that you want to improve their experience through easy-to-use technology. A touchless program is cost effective, easy to implement, and simple to use.

As the hotel industry in Alberta starts to recover, now is the perfect time to implement a touchless program in your hotel through ProxiVu. To learn more about touchless room service and hotel information, check out our video or visit proxivu.com.