The Government of Alberta’s recent introduction of utility cost deferrals for small businesses has benefited a number of Alberta’s smaller hotels. However, the AHLA estimates that more than 700 hotels exceed the threshold to benefit from this policy for consumption of both natural gas and electrical energy. The AHLA has contacted the Honourable Sonya Savage, Minister of Energy, and the Honourable Dale Nally, Associate Minister of Electricity and Natural Gas, to recommend an expansion of the criteria for this deferral to support liquidity for all hotels in the province.

The AHLA’s recommendations include:

  1. Defer payment on utility invoices for a period of 90 days with no interest or penalties.
  2. Suspend transmission demand and distribution demand charges on electricity billings for 90 days. Suspend distribution demand charges on natural gas billings for 90 days.
  3. Suspend the federal carbon levy until after the Supreme Court ruling in June 2020.

The AHLA believes these measures will help support liquidity for Alberta hotels so they can continue to provide jobs for Albertans and be ready to contribute to our province’s recovery.

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