By Shannon Neighbour, Svensen-Neighbour Recruiting

Many of us have seen how a bad hire can wreak havoc on an organization. Even the best recruiters and hiring managers occasionally make a hire that doesn’t work out.

However, sometimes the issue is not a bad hire. Sometimes, it’s a poorly designed recruitment and onboarding strategy that leads to a lackluster candidate experience.

When hiring and onboarding new staff, employers shouldn’t be asking, “What can the employee do to be better?”. Instead, they should evaluate how they can do a better job of making the right hiring decision and then supporting that person with the required onboarding and training to be successful in their new role.

Amazing employees and brand ambassadors don’t just materialize — they are trained, supported, developed, and mentored. This happens over time, but the first 90 days is critical in laying the foundation.

With online tools such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Glassdoor, Facebook, and others, it is abundantly clear to potential candidates which organizations have good reputations with both customers and employees. The best candidates will be attracted to the best organizations. Any exceptional candidate starting at a new organization will expect to be supported through a strong onboarding program. Certainly, each individual will come to the organization with their own unique perspectives and skills, but even so, having a clear path forward and adequate training and support is critical.

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