by David Lund, the Hotel Financial Coach

Managing finances in your hotel is the accountant’s job, right?

Not so fast. When your managers, team leaders, and supervisors understand their departments’ financials, they are motivated to find ways to control costs and increase profits.

But the financial part of business is intimidating for many leaders. At Aspire, you’ll find out how to become more comfortable with your hotel’s financials and to apply them to your job. You’ll learn:

  1. It’s not accounting you need to understand — the accountants look after that part. It’s business thinking you need … and any willing hotel leader can learn this.
  2. Using a few basic financial leadership tools can help you make your role even more impactful.
  3. Understanding financials is the key to growing your career. Knowing the numbers and being comfortable with speaking about business strategy means an immediate and measurable return on investment for your employer. Set yourself apart and grow your career!

Join me at Aspire to learn how to think like a financial leader and offer your employer a valuable skill.

David is one of the most popular speakers from previous AHLA conventions, and will be back to present “Hotel Financials for Leaders” at Aspirethe AHLA’s one-day professional development event for housekeeping, front office, human resources, and administration supervisors & managers.

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